We are a family run business based in Cardiff the Capitol of Wales, were there are more sheep than people.

We were enchanted with the Asian tradition of offering guests a refresh-ment towel upon arrival, or after dinner, and are delighted to be able to bring it to the United Kingdom and the World.

The Coin Napkin towel is innovative, disposable yet environmentally friendly; it is a true hygienic replacement for the cotton towel. Only two teaspoons of water are needed to turn one tablet into a full size towel.

The towel is made of bamboo fiber in combination with wood pulp and biodegrades completely within three weeks in the natural environment, with no unfriendly materials left behind.

As in many Asian traditions, presentation plays a vital role;

Coin Napkin towels are compressed into small tablets that are presented on trays containing a small amount of scented water, that once absorbed by the tablet become a full sized refreshment towel.


Coin Napkin Company
Unit 21
Wentloog Road