We truly love the Asian tradition of offering guests a refreshment towel, and are delighted to bring it to the United Kingdom and the World!

However, this wonderful tradition also has negative sides.

The traditional re-usable cotton towel needs a lot of work before it’s good to offer as a refreshment towel.

A traditional cotton towel must be transported, laundered with harsh de-tergents, wasting precious water and electricity. This most certainly does not contribute to a better environment. These towels are then put in scented water, wrung out and rolled up, resulting in a less than hy-gienic towel.

In searching for a solution the Coin Napkin Concept came into being.

Born from a desire to keep a tradition while realizing the vital importance of a disposable, hygienic, biodegradable towel, a true environmentally friendly replacement for the cotton towel.

Coin Napkin’s concept is based on the time-honored tradition of offering guests a refreshment towel upon arrival or after dinner.

In Japan this refreshment towel is called Oshibori, in Bali it is presented as a Welcome Towel.

The Coin Napkin towel is innovative, disposable yet environmentally friendly; it is a true hygienic replacement for the cotton towel. Only two teaspoons of water are needed to turn one tablet into a full size towel.

The towel is made of bamboo fiber in combination with wood pulp and biodegrades completely within three weeks in the natural environment, with no unfriendly materials left behind.

As in many Asian traditions, presentation plays a vital role; Coin Napkin towels are compressed into small tablets that are presented on trays containing a small amount of scented water, that once absorbed by the tablet become a full sized refreshment towel.

Serving Coin Napkin at the table will be an entertaining experience for your guests and can be used in many different situations in your restau-rant, hotel, club, discotheque, spa, golf and at home.

Fast facts:

  • Hygienic
  • Compressed (little storage needed)
  • Disposable (no more laundry)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Bamboo fiber in combination with wood pulp
  • No additives
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • An entertaining experience at the table
  • Cost saving compared to the traditional cotton towel